A New Video Launched – Tar Spot of Corn: A Wisconsin Perspective

Damon L. Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Concerned about tar spot on corn in 2019? Haven’t been able to get to a winter meeting to learn how you might control it, in Wisconsin? We have a solution for you! A new video was just launched where Dr. Damon Smith presents a short lecture about tar spot on corn including symptoms, severity, and hybrid and fungicide trial results in Wisconsin in 2018. This lecture is meant to tie together our research progress in 2018 to guide management recommendations in 2019, in Wisconsin. For other information on tar spot in Wisconsin, you can consult our previous video or check out our previous posts on tar spot symptoms and pathogen signs on corn, and hybrid response to tar spot. You can also find information about fungicide efficacy in 2018 by downloading our 2018 Wisconsin Fungicide Test Summary.