Updated Crop Disease and Pesticide Resources

Damon L. Smith, Extension Field Crops Pathologist, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Are you interested in learning more about field crop diseases? Do you want to understand fungicide and fungicide mode of action? Then these two updated resources might be useful for you.

The Crop Protection Network website has been recently revamped and updated. It includes detailed information on many field crop diseases. It also included videos and fact sheets. It is frequently updated and all information is from university, industry, and government experts. On top of that, all resources are peer-reviewed and un-biased.

The second resource is the Take Action for Pesticide-Resistance Management website, which includes a set of resources for crop diseases fungicide resistance management. One popular resource has been the fungicide mode of action poster. You can download a PDF version by clicking here, or on the image to the left.

In addition to our website, be sure to check these updated websites frequently for new tools and information.