New Video on Soybean Brown Stem Rot

brown stem rot

Browning of the internal stem (left) is diagnostic for BSR. The middle stem may be developing symptoms. Compare to healthy, white pith in the stem on the right.

Dr. Damon Smith, University of Wisconsin, talks about brown stem rot (BSR) of soybean. BSR can be a significant problem in years where the spring is wet and cool resulting in infection by the fungus Phialophora gregata soon after emergence. However, BSR is often not noticed until the reproductive growth stages when foliar symptoms typically develop. The discussion here includes tips on spotting BSR, determining the difference between BSR and sudden death syndrome and how to manage the disease.

To watch the video you can click here.

For more information about BSR visit the Soybean Disease webpage at /soybean_pests_diseases/ and scroll down to the “Brown Stem Rot” section.

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