Alfalfa Disease Diagnosis

2015 UW Extension Pest Management Update Meeting Series

Damon Smith, Extension Plant Pathology Specialist Mark your calendars as the UW Extension’s Pest Management Update meetings are just around the corner (November 9-19). This year’s program will follow the new format established in the 2014 series, with more interaction between presenters and the audience, and participation by Bryan Jensen and Dan Heider with the […]

Clover Root Curculio on Alfalfa in Wisconsin

Dan Undersander, Damon Smith, Bryan Jensen UW Extension Clover root curculio damage is being observed in several parts of Wisconsin this year. It is an occasional insect pest on alfalfa, clovers and other legumes. Damage can be serious but usually is infrequent and localized. To learn more about this pest and how to manage it, click here to […]

New Fact Sheet on Using Fungicide on Alfalfa For Dairy Production in Wisconsin

Damon Smith, Assistant Professor and Extension Field Crops Plant Pathologist, UW-Madison; Scott Chapman, Researcher, Departments of Plant Pathology and Entomology, UW-Madison; Bryan Jensen, Outreach Program Manager, Integrated Pest Management Program, UW-Madison; Greg Blonde, Agricultural Agent, UW-Extension, UW-Madison; Bill Halfman, Agricultural Agent, UW-Extension, UW-Madison; and Dan Undersander, Professor, Department of Agronomy, UW-Madison Recently new fungicides have […]

New and Revised Disease Fact Sheets

A new UW Extension disease fact sheet on Aphanomyces root rot has recently been developed and ready for download.  The fact sheet describes symptoms of Aphanomyces root rot, gives details about the pathogen that causes the disease, and gives some management ideas. You can download the fact sheet by visiting the ‘Fact Sheet’ section of […]

Evaluation of fungicides for control of foliar diseases of Alfalfa at cutting #1 in Wisconsin, 2014

Damon L. Smith, Extension Field Crops Pathologist, University of Wisconsin Scott Chapman, Research Associate, University of Wisconsin Bryan Jensen, IPM Program, University of Wisconsin An evaluation of foliar applied fungicides for control of diseases of alfalfa was implemented in Wisconsin in 2014.  This work is a continuation of fungicide evaluation that has been ongoing since […]

Alfalfa seedlings with signs of Aphanomyces infection

Alfalfa seedlings with signs of Aphanomyces infection


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